Joe (The Phoenix)

Joe is your average boy dealing with common problems any kid might have. And he happens to have Asperger’s. Whenever a problem arises, he asks one of his friends what the problem is, and it always calls for the work of his alter ego, a superhero called the Phoenix. He’s unlike any other superhero, because his superpower is teaching the 7 Degrees of Change!


Beth is one of Joe’s best friends and his next-door neighbor. Her parents come from a military family, with both of her parents joining the army and fighting in the Iraq War when they were both fresh out of college. She has learned a lot about responsibility as a result of the fact that her parents are soldiers. 


Satomi is new in town, having immigrated from Japan just a few years ago. Her father works as an executive at a large video game publisher and toy manufacturer based in Kyoto, and has been promoted to the company’s US division. Her mother is a celebrity chef, and started an authentic Japanese restaurant focused on Teppanyaki cooking. She’s trying her best to grow into the culture of her new home, and all her life has been taught a culture of respect that she tries to teacher to her friends, including Joe.


Cameron is no stranger to learning how to become a good citizen. Her father is a police officer, and does everything he can to protect his city. Her mother is a security guard.She has mastered teaching the kind of citizenship lessons she’s learned to Joe. 


Caring about people should be everyone’s priority, that’s Keith’s motto. Born and raised in Joe’s town, he serves as one of his friends and neighbors. His single father works as a neurologist, and ever since his homemaking mother passed away, Keith has always wanted to follow in his footsteps.


An immigrant from the Philippines, Winnie is new at Joe’s school. Like Satomi, Winnie loves sharing the culture of his home country to his friends. His mother is a judge, while his father is an attorney. Both have taught him the value of fairness in his life, which in turn can be very valuable to Joe.


One of Joe’s classmates, Nehemiah is an athletic, and very competitive boy. But more importantly, he shows a lot of Empathy toward his peers. Sometimes he can be a bit of a showoff, but he’s always there for his friends, no matter what happens. 


Yusuf is an immigrant from Algeria. His parents decided to move to America, because they wanted him to live a new life of freedom and opportunity in the United States. Both of which now run a small bookstore and coffeehouse on Main St. in Heathgate. His classmates think he’s nothing but a troublemaker who does nothing but ruin everyone else’s day, but all he wants is to make sure he’s liked by his classmates, and often has trouble finding out exactly what can make him achieve that goal.