About the 7 Degrees of Change

The 7 Degrees of Change are very important life skills anyone should learn.


They are:

  • Empathy - Feel for those who are not able to do what others are.

  • Respect - Treat others with respect, and be tolerant of others. Be considerate to those around you.

  • Responsibility - Do what you are supposed to, set a good example for your peers.

  • Fairness - Play by the rules, share and take turns.

  • Caring - Be compassionate and express gratitude, be forgiving of others.

  • Citizenship - Do what you can to make your community better.

  • Trustworthiness - Be loyal, and keep your word when you promise to do something.


These characteristics are important, because each story is a representation of at least one of them. Whenever Joe’s classmates are in trouble, he has to figure out the reason why. That way, whenever he transforms into The Phoenix, he can actually be there to save the day. Because, you can’t be a superhero without a reason to transform!